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3D Space Control via Mobile Phone

Authors: Kifor, Tamás; Gottdank, Tibor
Date: 01/01/2011
Published by: ERCIM News (Volume no.: 2011, Issue no.: 84, Page: 50-52)
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Web services as XML data sources in enterprise information integration.

Authors: Hajnal, Ákos; Kifor, Tamás; Lukácsy, Gergely; Varga, László Zsolt
Date: 2009. 04.
Published by: Services and business computing solutions with XML. Applications for quality management and best processes. (Page: 82-97.)

EU PROVENANCE project: an open provenance architecture for distributed applications.

Authors: Vázquez-Salceda, Javier; Álvarez, Sergio; Kifor, Tamás; Varga, László Zsolt; Miles, Simon; Moreau, Luc; Willmott, Steve
Date: 2008.
Published by: Agent technology and e-health. (Whitestein series in software agent technologies and autonomic computing.) (Page: 55-64.)

Benefits of provenance in home care.

Authors: Hajnal, Ákos; Kifor, Tamás; Pedone, Gianfranco; Varga László, Zsolt
Date: 2007.
Published by: From genes to personalized healthcare: grid solutions for the life sciences. Proceedings of healthgrid 2007. Geneva, 2007. (Studies in health technology and informatics 126.) (Page: 330 - 337.)
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Privacy Issues of Provenance in Electronic Healthcare Record Systems

Authors: Tamás Kifor; László Zsolt Varga; Sergio Alvarez, Javier Vazquez-Salceda, Steven Willmott
Date: 2006. 05. 09.
Published by: Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Privacy and Security in Agent-based Collaborative Environments (PSACE 2006)
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Applying provenance in distributed organ transplant management

Authors: Álvarez, S; Vázquez-Salceda, H; Kifor, Tamás; Varga, László Zsolt; Willmott, S
Date: 2006.
Published by: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Volume no.: 4145, Page: 28-36)

Provenance in agent-mediated healthcare systems

Authors: Kifor, Tamás; Varga, László Zsolt; Vázquez-Salceda, J; Álvarez, S; Willmott, S; Miles, S
Date: 2006.
Published by: IEEE Intelligent Systems (Volume no.: 21, Issue no.: 6, Page: 38-46)
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Navigating provenance information for distributed healthcare management

Authors: Deora, V; Contes, A; Rana, OF; Rajbhandari, S; Wootten, I; Kifor, Tamás; Varga, László Zsolt
Date: 2006.
Published by: WI 2006. Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE/WIC/ACM international conference on web intelligence. Hong Kong, 2006. (Page: 859-865)
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